Business Consulting for the New World

Purple Leaf Consulting is a Project Management and Business Consulting firm focused on finding new solution to old problems.

Innovative Intelligent Solutions:

We can help you solve your business problems.  Every organization faces issues around Project Management and Project Delivery.  The problem lies in implementing solutions to resolve these issues.  Companies move from one methodology to another with only marginal success; unfortunately, most methodologies are so broad that one size does not fit all.  At Purple Leaf, we take a heuristic view of your organization, division, or project, and utilizing a combination of traditional and new methodologies, we create a custom solution to solve your particular problem.  Wither you need to create something new or refine what you have now, Purple Leaf can help.

Rethinking Project Management:

We fix problem projects and get them back on track and give new project a solid foundation.  Project delivery can be one of the most stressful parts of any business, and as project complexity grows so does the chance for problems.  At Purple Leaf, we specialize in difficult and complex projects.  Through our experience and expertise, we quickly identify project issues, identify solutions and get projects back on track.  We then implement changes to prevent issues from reoccurring.  For new projects, we provide a solid foundation to help mitigate risks and resolve any issues that may occur.  Purple Leaf has a solution for all projects no matter the size or complexity.

360o Solutions:

We are here to solve all of your business, management, and project problems.  Unlike other consulting firms, we do not focus on only one aspect of your business or process; this can solve some problems while ignoring others creating an unbalanced environment.  We review the organization or process from all sides and create solutions that both fit your business model and budget.  This approach allows us to identify many problems that are often overlooked by our competitors.   If you need a full time resources or someone part time to keep things on track, Purple Leaf has a solution that will fit your needs.

At Purple Leaf, your success is our success

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